DIY Fret Slot Saw


Even though I’m cutting the fret-slots with a laser-cutter, I’ve found that they sometimes need embiggening, so I needed to get a fret-saw.

I think I might have got really small frets or something… according to the internets, a .58mm saw should have been thin enough… but I got a .5mm one, and it’s way to thick – so I panicked and got a Japanese saw blade off the web… .3mm. That ought to do it.

The whole saw would have cost about $120 – so I just got a blade for $40, and made my own.





Turned out quite well… you can adjust the height of the blade, and retract it completely when it’s not being used.

I think I might make more of them to try to sell on the webs. These haven’t had a proper sanding job done… and are made out of Rimu laminated MDF… it’d be better to make them out of proper hardwood. Not sure if I can laser cut that though. Maybe I should buy a router. You can get them for about $1500 now.

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